The Taxi Dance: Music and Visual Art in Contemporary South Africa, April 29

Visiting artist Wesley van Eeden will unveil "The Taxi Dance," a mural-style painting commissioned for the Queens College campus. Professors Noah Tsika (Media Studies) and Jason Tougaw (English) will discuss Van Eeden's artistic process and influences, particularly music (including music video screenings).
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South Africa: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Lecture and Discussion, April 21, 5:00 pm

South Africa: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow provides a personal glimpse into South Africa based on Vice Chairperson Philip Berry’s experiences with South Africa over the years. The talk highlights some of the pivotal economic, political, historical, global and social occurrences that inform the role of South Africa on the continent and in the world as an emerging market.
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Race Matters: A Multi-cultural Perspective on the Social Construct of Race, March 2

March 2. "Race Matters" will be a dialogue focusing on race as a social construct with the goal of better understanding how and why individuals self-identify differently from the labels that are imposed by the outside perceptions of others. How does society define whiteness, blackness, etc., and how do those definitions impact society? The dialogue will begin with a panel consisting of Dr. John Collins, Dr. Hlonipha
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The Legacy of Place in Post-Apartheid South Africa, February 11

Playwright Amy Jephta will conduct workshops with students, culminating in a public presentation that will focus on how young playwrights are dealing with the country's history in post-Apartheid South Africa.
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Apartheid and HIV in South Africa: How a century of policies left the new democratic South Africa vulnerable to HIV, Februrary 4

Professor Mark Lurie (Brown University) and Professor Ida Susser (Hunter College-CUNY) will discuss historical, social, political, and epidemiological dimensions of HIV in South Africa.
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Starring South Africa: Apartheid and Its Aftermath on the Silver Screen

December 11, 4:45pm. Discussion of Representations of South Africa films.
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The Fall of Apartheid, 1987-1990: An Ambassador’s Personal Experience

November 12, 12:15 pm, Godwin-Ternbach Museum. Former Ambassador Loucas Tsilas will draw upon his personal experiences as the Greek ambassador to South Africa in the late 1980's in a discussion of geopolitics during the final years of the apartheid regime.
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Short Course on South Africa

A series of lectures and conversations focusing on South African history, culture, politics, public health, natural history, literature, and film.
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