The Fall of Apartheid, 1987-1990: An Ambassador’s Personal Experience

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The second lecture in our Short Course on South Africa will feature Ambassador Loucas Tsilas, former Greek ambassador to the United States, to South Africa, and to the European Union.  Ambassador Tsilas will draw upon his personal experiences as the Greek ambassador to South Africa in the late 1980’s in a discussion of geopolitics during the final years of the apartheid regime.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
12:15 pm
Godwin-Ternbach Museum

Head shot of Loucas Tsilas.

Ambassador Loucas Tsilas has been the Executive Director of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation since the year 2000. He holds degrees in law and economics from the University of Athens and a Masters degree in political science from the State University of Louisiana in New Orleans. He was an attorney in Athens, Greece in 1963-1965, then entered the Greek Foreign Ministry in 1965, serving in Athens until 1968 in the Department of Balkan States. His roles at home and abroad have included First Secretary of the Embassy of Greece in Bucharest (1968-1972); Consul of Greece in New Orleans, Louisiana (1972-1975); Counselor at the Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C. (1975-1979); Deputy Director of the Department of NATO and European Security Affairs in the Greek Foreign Ministry in Athens (1979-1980); Deputy Director of the Diplomatic Office of the Foreign Minister (1980-1981); Consul General of Greece in Paris (1981-1987); Ambassador of Greece to South Africa (1987-1990); and Director of the Diplomatic Office of the Prime Minister of Greece (1991-1993). From 1993 to 1998, Ambassador Tsilas held the position of Ambassador of Greece to the U.S. and Ambassador of Greece to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, and from 1998 to 2000 he was the Permanent Representative of Greece to the European Union in Brussels. Most recently, he was on the five-member committee that organized the successful bid for the Athens 2004 Olympics.


Loucas Tsilas with Nelson Mandela

Loucas Tsilas at desk.

Loucas Tsilas with Nelson and Winnie Mandela and others.


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